28 January 2013

Computer Generated Art

Can computers make art? Technically no; computers are unable to derive anything creative on their own, but they can produce really cool things if fed the proper information. For instance, when you plug in a numeric formula into your Ti-83+, the calculator will display a graphical representation of the given equation. If you alter the values slightly and repeat this a few times, you might get a pretty cool looking image. This is exactly how computer generated art is produced. It is up to the artist or user to come up with unique formulas in order to create stunning visuals like the ones below.


A man by the name of Keith Peters is responsible for these incredible designs. He uses a scripting language called ActionScript 3 to pull off these particular designs. Unlike the calculator example I gave earlier, Peters had to tell the computer exactly how to handle the desired commands in a more linear perspective. By doing so, he is able to achieve a more three-dimensional field of view. Although this style of creativity is less applicable in the designing business, it looks very interesting to say the least.

Designer's Blog: Keith Peters


  1. I was shown this about a year ago, but it was through a graphic calculator as you explained, but it was not anything like these obviously. I really enjoy computer generated art because people usually think of the term "mathematical" as boring or consisting of angles. Since the art is created with graphs, most are curvilinear and if they are rhythmic, they are far from boring.

  2. The stuff that can be done on computers is pretty awesome. I remember creating things similar to the work above in MS Paint when I first started 13+ years ago.