28 January 2013

Packaging Design Inspiration: thedieline.com

The Dieline is a website, founded by Andrew Gibbs in 2007, which showcases the latest in the world of packaging design. It features a dynamic design which allows visitors to view the site in either a blog or grid format. Several new articles are posted daily, and archives are searchable through categories such as industry, features, and substrate which allows people to find a product design based on a specific material, industry of origin, or type of article.

The design of the website is the perfect frame for all of the content. Article topics range from industry news, to innovative ideas, to student designs. The volume of content they've accumulated from featuring several designs a day since 2007 has created a very comprehensive archive of diverse, well-designed products. It would be a great source of inspiration for anyone in the field or anyone who aspires to be in it. The Dieline also accepts reader submissions, so it's a great way to get something you've designed out where it can be seen. It's an impressive website and I would definitely recommend anyone interested in packaging design to check it out.

Source: http://www.thedieline.com/


  1. I find package design always interesting because of its great effect it has on our buying choices. I think this sounds like an interesting site to browse through for some needed inspiration!

  2. Thanks for introducing this website to me! I have always taken a liking to package design and believe it makes or breaks a product. The bottles in your photo are successfully designed in my opinion. The blending of image with modern type is very appealing and makes me want to actually read the label. I plan on looking further into this website to see what inspiration I can pull from it later.

  3. I admire package designs a lot. This is a great website just in case I need some inspiration. If I notice a product in a store that has great design, I tend to debate if I should purchase it or not. Looking at the photo, this would definitely catch my eye and the drink looks more delicious. I would probably try it if I saw it on the shelf somewhere. Great website.

  4. This site is a really nice visual introduction to package design, which I normally wouldn't have looked at on my own, even without reading the articles. Slick packaging really helps products in my opinion- there have definitely been times that I bought something for the nice packaging when the actual product turned out to be not so great. It's something I'd like to get into and this looks like a really nice resource.

  5. I like this site a lot! I have had it subscribed to my design blog app 'Pulse' for while now. They showcase awesome redesigns and new ideas of lots of packaging innovations/products. The student designs/submissions are always an inspiring read because they are students! Not too many blogs put out student work or acknowledge their fight to break out into the industry. It is a great way to get ones work out into the open and off our personal websites where thousands can view and find more about you for possible future employment!

  6. I like this website a lot!
    I think the student spotlight is really cool.
    Up until this last year I didn't think package design could be so interesting. This website and the multiple package designs I have seen have proven me wrong.
    I defiantly will look at this site for some cool new ideas!