28 January 2013

Non-Vintage Vintage

Not so vintage, vintage clothing

I first came across ModCloth when I was spending countless hours on Facebook, as I am sure we all have done before. ModCloth was founded by a woman named Susan Gregg Koger, who had amassed a collection of vintage, one of a kind pieces of clothing throughout high school. By the time she entered college she had so many pieces that she and her boyfriend decided to create their own company. Throughout college they stayed in a home that served as their living space and office. Now the company has over 275 workers and Susan still travels around trying to find one of a kind pieces.

I have always been interested in fashion, mainly focusing on bringing back the clean lines and more modest cuts of days gone by. While I try to focus on the simpler designs, sans prints or an over abundance of ruffles and the like, I love the way that their designs are executed. While some of their use of patterns, to me, can be overbearing, how they use the clean lines of the actual piece as a whole to balance it out is brilliant. Compared to past fashion trends I have to say that this one, the reinstatement of retro looking garments, is perhaps my favorite.

But! So long as its used wisely. Because frankly I see people walking around that have layer, upon layer, upon layer, upon agonizing layer of patterns and vintage. I mean, I get it. Vintage is something that you can make look your own and adds something to any wardrobe. But its meant to be used in moderation. One interesting piece will go much farther than overloading and causing chaos. I use ModCloth as a sort of channel for inspiration. No matter when I check the site there's always something new, but it keeps with the style always. ModCloth mirrors my own fashion sense and designs. Moderation is key.


  1. I really liked this webpage and I like vintage clothes. The clothes are really cute. Not cheap but not extremely expense. I have a whole collection of vintage clothes from my mother. I have 1900's and the under garments to go with them plus 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. I even have my Mom's prom dresses from the 1950's and the dance cards to go with them. I have them in a storage container. Not sure what I am going to do with them. Anyway I like to see the vintage style in modern clothes. You maybe able to use this style in your graphic design.

  2. I love the idea of reusing old pieces of clothing to recreate looks entirely. Have you ever checked out Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal line? I honestly get fed up with Urban Outfitters (over priced compared to when the company first started, sell-outs!) but their Urban Renewal stuff is awesome. Same thing as the Modcloth idea, only they usually are deconstructing old pieces and recreating them in a different image. I own a few stuff from Urban Renewal and I think its cool because no one else will have the same pair of destroyed, patched up jeans, or vest, or jacket, ect.

    I think recycling fashion is more than taking old trends and remaking them, it's more exciting to make something completely original and different than anything else out of old textiles or even curtains (as gaudy as that sounds).