27 January 2013

design you trust

This website and especially its pintrest and facebook sites are one of my favorite places to look for design ideas and inspiration. Every day they update this site with new and interesting designs. I'm always inspired by what they have to show. This star wars art caught my eye, so thats why i used it here, but there are SO many things to look at on the site. Its pretty amazing a lot of the things people can come up with. This is a great forum for new upcoming designers to show off their talents and their portfolios. Its full of new design trends, portfolios, articles, news and events, as well as photography, fashion, cool and creative ads, and interior design. Its hand picked designs from all over the globe. If you like them on facebook you wont regret it. It seems like every hour they post something new and exiting.

So check em out. I definitely recommend it. You will leave realizing that we all need to work a lot harder to achieve that level of amazing design. And it inspires me to want to. Sometimes there are tutorials as well that are really helpful. hope u guys enjoy!


  1. Wow! that is an awesome piece of work that you have displayed on this post. I really want to go and check out this design site, mainly because I love Star Wars so much. The fact that they are so active sort of makes me wonder though, it feels like they just take art that they think is interesting and just post in because they think it looks cool. I certainly hope that they are using good judgement and not posting copyrighted material.

  2. Jessica Bruce! I couldn't agree more, I LOVE this website. They have a tumblr as well. What I find most pleasing about this company/ website is that they feature designs in objects you use instead of just photographs and posters. I've seen items such as R2D2 flash drives, portfolio ideas and unnecessary ice cube makers. Basically it reminds you that design can be incorporated into almost anything! Especially things that we use daily. Thus inspiring to think outside the box and look beyond the typical.

  3. Jesse,

    I noticed you looking at this last semester and meant to ask you about it. I think this can be a very inspiring web site to view daily. Because it is not simply limited to one area of design but covers a wide variety, photography, 3D design, digital and hand made art works, and legos. A couple of the things stood out to me as amazing, and some not so amazing, but the great thing is each individual visitor to the blog can go away from it with their own inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Molly Holland