28 January 2013

TRAVEL magazine page layout

Sorry about the huge image everyone.. but I figured it was cool enough that you wouldn't mind.  For awhile now I've been absolutely infatuated with magazine page layout.  I found this on pinterest.com, originally from behance.net, showing off the outstanding layout of TRAVEL magazine.  I'm pretty sure it's a foreign magazine because its been really hard to find, but the post on behance said this...

"TRAVEL magazine has been designed to show modern perspective in travelling. It focuses on well-designed spaces and creative way of showing popular landmarks. Vivid colours, strong typography, unconventional form of layout and dynamic pictures in large format make TRAVEL looks like an album that you can put on your shelf."

I love this layout both because of its visual appeal, and because with that, it also has functionality.  I like the fact that each page is slightly different, although they stay with similar themes of bright colors, treated pictures, large headlines, and interesting shapes for call-outs and added features.  You can tell the magazine has an overall design theme, although they seem to lack a universal grid or template.  However, I don't think that's a bad thing.  I think this magazine shows that you really can think outside the box when presenting print information, without actually taking away from what it's saying.  

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  1. First of all, I absolutely love Pinterest-it captures your attention, it is addicting, and it never fails to re-motivate me or re-inspire me while working on a long project.
    Secondly, these layouts are absolutely amazing. It is such a different take on travel than the one hosted in most American magazines. Their use of type, color, and unique grid structures does scream European, but I think in this case it works extremely well. If I had been reading this magazine, it would have made me want to actually travel to the presented location. That they created each article like it was an individual piece of art rather than sticking to the typical skyline/city photograph + text was refreshing. I also think the hexagonal picture boxes were a nice touch, you don't see that shape everyday and they pulled it off well.