31 January 2013

What Font Should I Use?

            I found this awesome article on Smashing Magazine called “What Font Should I Use?” It has some key points & reminders for graphic designers when choosing fonts.  First off a little bit about Smashing Magazine; It is a website that publishes articles mostly on web design, but is not limited to, for designers to come & read for some insight.  I find it very useful not only to just browse articles & see if one appeals or applies to you but also to search for examples for your own inspiration.  There is also a breakdown of subcategories in the left column of the website if you want to browse particular areas of design.  I think this website is another great reference for any designer for inspiration or insight into parts of the design world.
            Now about the article “What Font Should I Use?”  I think this article is a good reminder for designers of how & why we should choose the fonts we do depending on what it is for.  I thought one good point was how designers need to know the types of font families (geometric, humanist, old style, transitional, modern, and slab serif) in order for a better understanding & application of these fonts to our work.  I think as designers we a care more about the feeling & mood the font conveys(which don’t get me wrong is important) for the particular piece & forget the importance of having a fundamental understanding of the fonts structures as well.  This is also important for the next point they make with mixing fonts.  I like the key part of this point: “keep it exactly the same, or change it a lot.”  Sometimes it can be challenging deciding which fonts to mix together & why.  This fundamental point is always good to have as a guide in the back of your mind when placing fonts together.  Overall I think this article is a very useful reminder of the basics of choosing fonts & is a good reference that I think designers should reread from time to time to keep themselves in check!


  1. This article is great! I find typography particularly challenging and had no idea these themes and families existed in fonts. The article makes an especially good point of needing to build enough contrast between fonts. Definitely favoriting.

  2. This article is a good reminder about the importance of know your fonts. I actually can't wait until I get more familiar with a wide range of fonts so I know what fonts would execute a certain vibe and what would flow better with what I'm doing, and knowing the structures of the typefaces would definitely help every designer with their work.

  3. I definitely have to agree that this article is helpful. I always have issues trying to pick which typeface is best for certain situations. And I wasn't aware of some of the different categories for fonts, so that was a nice bonus to learn about.