03 February 2013

Logo Design

Every company needs a logo. It is the basis for branding. Finding a well designed logo nowadays isn't always so common or simple to do.  Today I will talk about some things to do and some things not to do when designing a logo.

The use of font can make or break a logo. Having to many different typefaces can cause for a sense of clutter and confusion. Using 1-2 type faces in a logo can be plenty, this way everything can appear unified while having contrast. Choosing even one type face will work but make sure your not using comic sans, a poor type face could break your entire design.

Originality is another big factor. You want to be memorable, simplistic and unlike everyone else. This can be done through good graphic design and typography, what should be avoided is the use of stock images. These are accessible and convenient but will not provide you with what a quality design can. Use of color can be good or bad, being that it can add spice to your logo. What you don't want is to make your logo color dependent. Color is associated with so many things that is almost impossible to leave a lasting impression based strictly on your color choice. Simple graphic elements can solve this dilemma.

As a designer it's important to make sure that when saving/ creating logos you do so with vector images. These vector images are made of precise points which allow for multiple sizing options and transparency. Where as using a raster graphic only allows for sizes saved as, this is because these images are made up of pixels that when stretched don't correspond.

Lastly if designing a logo, don't design the logo for you. Designing for others can be hard but once masted can ensure a great source of income and reputation.



  1. I agree that font choice and originality are vital to designing a good logo. I think that the simpler the logo is, the easier it is to remember. The article in Smashing Magazine is interesting, and contains important don'ts when it comes to logo design. Great article!

  2. Hey Rachel.

    I agree with that. Logos should be original, but especially memorable. The whole point of a logo is tied to the identity of a product or brand, and if a customer does not remember it then it fails to accomplish its purpose.

    This is a logo my brother made for a game I'm making:


    I believe it accomplishes all those things.

  3. I think you made some valid points for anyone to keep in mind when doing logo design! I know the last point is definitely the most challenging (for me at least) to be sure you are designing for the brand/company & appeal to their needs & wants, not your own.

  4. I feel like this is a very important website for every designer to read and understand. These are all basic concepts that we need to understand to get respect in our design community. If as a designer I create a raster logo that can't be stretched to make bigger, or an overly complicated logo that can't be shrunk I wouldn't be able to be taken seriously in the design world. Another important thing to remember about logos that you touched on a little bit is making sure that if the logo were simply a black silhouette that it could still be understood and read as a symbol for the company. And again I agree, designing for others is probably the hardest part of our job. To create something that represents someone else's point of view is definitely hard

  5. The importance of a logo for a company is immense. It's literally the face of the company. It's what people see and know. That's the reason companies are so careful is re-branding. You don't want a disconnect between the company, and what people recognize as the company.

  6. Nowadays, it definitely seems as though the more simplistic logos are the way to go. They are far more recognizable, depending on the font used in combo with them. I would say that design plays a huge role in making these logos stand out above the rest.