04 February 2013

Septagon Studios

Septagon Studios is a comics publishing company focused on imaginative, innovative properties and concepts. We stand for creator freedom and artistic integrity. Versatility is the best word to define Septagon Studios. We embrace diversity with a major focus on art and inspirational storytelling.

I've been following this studio through their Tumblr page for a while now. They use the word versatility in their description, but they are one of the few digital and print publishing companies that seem to been highly inclusive.

They've helped illustrative artists such as Chris Thornley

Chris Thornley
 and typographic designers like 

Mattew Taylor Wilson                                       And it's smaller studios like this that give me hope for publishing and possibly selling my own works in the future. Although I can't say I'm not envious of someone who ones their own publishing studio either.


  1. I really like the fact that you hit on smaller studios. Its pretty cool to think that the small studios inspire you, while the larger studios inspire most. I also really like the work that they post, it truly gives off the feeling of a small inclusive studio.

  2. They have a lot of very interesting illustrations on their site, but I just wish they had more, or really any information on who they are up there.

    I'm mostly just curious because they say they are a comics publishing studio, and I wonder what they mean by that. What with all the beautiful illustrations and nothing about comics.

  3. This 'comic' style is very unique. When I think of comic books, I typically point directly to the Marvel style. It's refreshing to see content like this being produced.

    Nice job finding the studio. What made you want to find information on Septagon Studios?

  4. Really impressive stuff on the tumblr link. I'm curious as to what mediums they used for some of the pieces; if it's all done on the computer then I really want to know how they did it. The Valentine's Day themed ones were pretty funny as well, thought they were clever in the design and the content.