04 February 2013

HOW Magazine

How Magazine is a designers paradise, a bi-monthly magazine for designers, be it web, print, or anything really. The HOW Website has almost everything you would ever need to know as designer. There are design ideas, articles on designs, help with self promotion and salary negotiations, even tutorials. There are even options to have them critique your work, and they host competitions for a chance to show your work in the HOW Design Conference. They even have a magazine to compliment the website, well the magazine did come first but the website has taken it to a whole new level.

1 comment:

  1. So I followed the link you provided, clicked the Design+Creativity. Clicked the first story link "Designer Spotlight: Meet Muralist Ian Ross". Read and went through his portfolio. So far I'm loving his creativity and artworks. Verdict? Great experience from just exploring the first time of this website. Definitely bookmarking this.