24 February 2013

Sports Infographics

Sticking with the info graphics, I felt as if this info graphic was particularly interesting due to the fact that this has been a rising topic of discussion, comparing Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan. I felt this was really cool and aesthetically pleasing in that it is simple but captures your attention rather quickly. It shows how we can use simple shapes to represent data better that numbers would. This is a very effective design and layout and I applaud the designer.


  1. Oh lord I think they could have used some better photos for that center shot. That has to be one of the derpiest derp faces I have ever seen.
    On the actual design though, I'm afraid I have to respectfully disagree. I think it might be a bit too complicated. The X's in the background seem to crowd out the information. Maybe it's because they're the same color as the stats line.

  2. I think there's so many creative routes you can with for creating a sports infographic. I'm a big stats nerd so seeing it depicted graphically is great and way more interesting to look at then tabels and spreadsheets.

    I think the comparison of two players is a cool route to in this kind of genre. The comparison of Kobe and MJ above is ok, I do think it's kind of crowded. As a big hockey fan, I'm really into this Gretzky/Lemieux graphic.

  3. Oh yeah, I recommend looking at Flip Flop Flyball for some really cool baseball infographics. I think you would be a big fan, Austin. http://www.flipflopflyin.com/flipflopflyball/infographics.html