11 February 2013

For my Visual Communications Studios, we had to search for an illustrator who had professional clients. I came across Nathan Fox. 

Nathan Fox developed an early interest in comics, video games, and commercials. Growing up, he decided to pursue his goals of becoming a professional illustrator. During this time, Fox explored more art forms and styles such as Anime, more comics, yukiyo-e prints, etc. Exploring these new art styles has inspired him to create complex and colorful illustrations of his own. 

Due to his own style such as black outlines, vibrant colors, details in chaotic scenes and characters, has gained clients such as "The New York Times Newspaper and Magazine, Interview, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Wired, ESPN Magazine, Print, Entertainment Weekly, Mother Jones, Spin, Mad Magazine, MTV Store Windows and Tshirts, Burton US Open 2009, Instant Winner and REAL Skateboards, DC Comics, Vertigo, Dark Horse Comics, Marvel and many other publications and mediums". 

You can check out his work on his website: http://www.foxnathan.com

He is also represented by Bernstein & Andriulli which is a "premier creative artist management agency and media consultancy. We represent photographers, illustrators, stylists, hair and makeup artists, interactive artists and producers. From cultural icons to burgeoning hot new talent, we scout the globe bringing fresh solutions to the creative community."

His profile is from Bernstein & Andriulli: http://www.ba-reps.com/artists/nathan-fox#image_348951

I personally enjoy his work a lot. I read comics and watch anime so I'm attracted to that type of style as well. His works also reminds me of street art due to his super vibrant colors and at the same time reminds me of Tattoo Art, due to the prominent black outlines. The scenes and characters he creates always evokes some type of emotion in the viewer as well as the character themselves successfully executed by his attention to detail and colors. Another note: some artworks of his are very "out of this world" and strange.

I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. Here's a taste:

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