11 February 2013

Tutorials: School for the Other Things

CGcookie.com is a website for every type of computer graphic tutorial possible. I am a huge fan of this site. Tons of people come on and submit work and give feed back to other people. A very helpful site that you can create a sign in and enjoy all of the aspects of this website. You can find loads of things, environmental and character graphic painting tutorials, along with some very advanced computer graphics. It comes in all different levels of difficulty and even if you are just curious it has tons of starter videos and written tutorials.
I like this website because it is a great place for design inspiration and it gives you the perfect place to learn about the things you don't get in class. There are so many other ways to create outside the realm of adobe. I think it is great to be able to learn something at the pace that is required for such lessons. You can pause video, you can't always pause class. There are always people happy to answer questions and everyone is there for the same reason, to learn. All of the comments and critiques that happen are mature and welcomed.
The picture above is just an example of the things that people are creating with the help of this website. Here, you can learn about lighting, shades, blender, and a bunch of other things. There is even things like concept creation and design to help get ideas going for those who are interested in that. I find this website a big help when there are other design options I want to explore, I had to share it. I think it is a great way to try new things in this growing field of design.


  1. Wow that is an incredible website! The website has many great tutorials and interviews with very talented artists. Thank you for posting this wonderful resource.

    I hope you do not mind if I post a great YouTube channel for tutorials in concept art.


    This is a great resource for those wanting to become concept artists. Of course you still need the fundamentals of perspective and human anatomy.

  2. The examples you found are really cool.

    I might try this website out sometime soon. I've got this neat 4 year old bamboo tablet collecting dust so I'm sure this would be a good way to learn some new skills.

  3. This website is extremely helpful. There are so many resources for all the different kinds of media and software. I loved reading through some of the interviews of successful artists and seeing how they have developed their style. I think this community of artists sharing their resources, inspirations, concepts, tips, etc. is enlightening.

  4. I had no idea this website existed! It's a one-stop for anything design oriented. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time looking through it in the future!

  5. This is a really great find! Admittedly I don't do much with 3D modeling and the like, but there's a lot of good inspiration there, and I'm glad they have a 2D section, even if it's relatively small.

  6. This is great and seems really helpful! I think its really cool that you can post work and get feedback. Ill definitely be using this, thanks for sharing!