25 February 2013

Allo everyone!

Today I'm going to discuss an artist I've recently found out about.

I'm not sure what this particular piece is titled, but it's done by Takashi Murakami a contemporary artist. Murakami is Japanese and works in New York and Tokyo. He's one of a few artists that makes art for galleries and knick knacks. I haven't really known about him long but I've slightly become obsessed.

I love his use of bright color balanced out with dark and muted colors. I especially love that he mixes such bright and happy colors with dark and sometimes morbid subjects. His own style mimics Japanese style cartoons and comic books and I've always been drawn to that kind of art.

While he has yet to influence how I design anything, which I'm sure at one point he will, I love how he mixes something that can pass as kind of childish and appealing but have a deeper meaning if you look for it. I'm not sure what else to say that the art can't show for itself.
Bright, intriguing, and overall entertaining to look at.

He's also really popular for designing Louis Vuitton bags that sold out before they were even released. While I'm not as into bags, or accessories for that matter, I understand how popular they can be if they're brand names. His bright colors appealed to people so much that they had waiting list for the bags stretching for a couple of years.

I encourage for anyone not familiar with Takashi Murakami to google search him and check his art out. Maybe even buy something of his if you've got the money. All I can say is that his bigger art pieces really spoke to me.


  1. After Googling his artwork, it is apparent that his designs are very whimsical. Though when I first started looking at his pieces, I kind of drew away because they are reminiscent of Pokemon and Hello Kitty, a style I appreciate, but not really gravitate towards. However, after further looking into his artwork, he has a drastically different style that is still whimsical, but it incorporates water-colored texture and thick strokes of black to portray a character and I love it! He definitely knows how to use different elements of art and can distinguish styles well.

  2. HIs art definitely reminds me of comic street art which is something I'm slightly obsessed with. I am automatically drawn to vibrant organic shapes that just fit well together. I also admire anime art as well as traditional japanese tattoo art. Finding an artist that combines all of those successfully is great! I will be sure to add him to my list of artists to admire. He reminds me of Nathan Fox and Jared Nickerson. Other artists I am obsessed with.

  3. Nice find! I read an article where Murakami says he wants “to become a living example of the potential of art.” Takashi wants to introduce Japanese artists, animators, and creators to an international audience. His art is definitely inspiring. I really like his strong commitment to promoting Japanese art throughout the world along with his GEISAI festival in Japan for young emerging talent. Through this program he offered a platform for participating artists to display and sell their own work. With his company Kaikai Kiki, he supports and manages a group of young artist.