25 February 2013

The Celebration of Pixel Art

VC332 - Section 2
Jacob DeBenedetto
Edit: Fixed the images by changing their source

As this article states, "Pixel art lives both in and beyond computer screens." You might have not notice it, but people have been using pixel art long before the computer screen was invented. For example, Lego's, Cross-Stitching, and even stippling have been practice forms of design for quite some time. At its core, pixel art directly correlated to the Gestalt Theory of design. Basically, this style needs other nearby pixels to represent an object as a whole.

To view the entire collection of pixel art and artists, visit this website article: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/05/05/pixels-go-mad-the-celebration-of-pixel-art/

Here are some of images I enjoyed finding:

Communication City
Pixel art meets Lego (I'm pretty sure this has absolutely no Lego pieces in this artwork, but that's what they called it I guess haha).
Panda Cross Stitch

Continue the celebration of pixel art by trying it out yourself! Just as I mentioned earlier, it can be made out of anything!


  1. I really love the rubics cubes being used to create a photograph. I think this is a great take and approach on pixel art & creating it at a larger, exaggerated scale but still being an effective piece of artwork!

  2. I agree with Nicole, some of the creativity and ideas of the individuals who put this stuff together are amazing. I can't even solve a rubrics cube let alone spin 6 dozen of them to form a whole pixelized image. Great find!

  3. I as well love the rubrics cube idea in this series. Pixelated art can be very visually appealing because it forces your mind to put images together, without the natural flow of connected graphics. However I feel like it has a place and genre. Sometimes it can come off cheesy and overused. So when appropriate it is successful.

  4. I've definitely seen pixel art being done more and more recently and find it very interesting how curves can be created out of squares and just the overall appeal of the piece, it reminds me of Mario.

  5. The rubrics cube piece is amazing! I love when artist use unique mediums. I can't imagine how much planning went into creating that. Pixel art is very interesting and lets the viewer interact with the art work and put the pieces together. I also really like the pieces that are done with a bunch of small pictures and at a distance it looks like a different object.

  6. What I find most interesting about the rising popularity of pixel art is that it proves to me that you don't have to be a phenomenal artist for people to like your work. You can render things in 8bits your whole career and if you've got somebody to fund you, you can still make money on it. It seems that in the artistic community everyone strives to be a "better" artist than somebody else but this is just proving that isn't so. Style is just as important.

  7. I think the one thing we can all learn is that style is definitely the most important part of this concept. The pixel style is a trend right now but it also has to be done right to make a recognizable and appealing composition

  8. I really enjoy pixel art. I think it is becoming a lot more popular even in video games, kind of paying tribute to the older video games. I feel like is a pretty modern style of art these days and can be very inspirational.

  9. The "lego" thing looks like it might be perler beads, the kids craft where you design your project on a peg board and then iron it to melt it together. Anyway, pixel art is nostalgic and it makes me happy to see it persist despite it being long gone as a technology. It's fun to see it leak into handmade things where it fits in perfectly like cross stitch, perler beads, plastic canvas, crochet, etc. Very cool article.

  10. These are very creative and interesting use of the pixel feeling. Most would say pixaleted pictures and images are bad, but the use of it as a form of art is a very unique idea. I though the different examples were very interesting.

  11. wow that Rubix cube one was really cool! Really interesting read, thank you for posting this good informational article.