04 February 2013

Revamp Your Work Space

This post is not related so much to the art of graphic design, but more so the basics that help us get our creative gears moving. I stumbled upon this great design website called Eighty One Design. Within their site, they created an article that compiles pictures from several design studios that shows their work space. Each of us knows that whenever we are in a slump or lacking inspiration, we look to our environment for new ideas, shapes, and colors. It never helps when we're in a boring room or in a space that does not really suit our imaginations. Here's a few offices that I think are very reflective of the designs that the companies create:


Three Rings Design



Graphic Design studio suggestion

All of these offices and studios surround themselves with patterns, colors, and past works along with organic and architectural elements. These studios create new and whimsical environments with Google having a cloud-like floor while Pixar created small houses to hold each studio. Why these themes or elements were chosen is unclear, but one can assume the designers worked with the interior designers to let them know what makes them feel comfortable, productive, and inspired.

Another thing these studios al have in common is how successful they are. Apparently, a good design may have its roots from an inspirational studio. So, I think it would benefit all of us to rethink the spaces we create our designs in. Try going outside to sketch or relocating to a new room in a different building you have never been in. Even better, put up posters, pictures, and try painting your walls or creating a mural. It's an interesting idea that your work space can influence your designs for the better.


  1. I was previously and Interior Design major and I absolutely love this. I knew that Pixar lets its employees design their own office and it's great that they aren't the only ones. I think creating and designing your personal workspace not only creates motivation but really makes you more apart of your company.

  2. It is awesome to see how much people involve their creativity in their lives. It is not simply just creating design/ work, it's living and breathing your creativity. This allows for further developments in all aspects of your life. This is probably why these companies encourage/ allow their employees to design their work space to their liking.