11 February 2013

Me.Show inspiration blog

I found this website, Me.Show,  to be a very interesting and organized design inspiration blog. The posts are divided between several different sections, including advertising, posters, design, photography, etc. I found the advertising section the be very entertaining. Most of the ads are humorous and all of them are very relatable. My favorite is the Baygon ad,  where girls being held by serial killers while screaming about insects on the floor.
The Design section is also entertaining, it shows product and print design of different brands. I found the "throne" toilet design quite hilarious. If you are bored and in the mood for a laugh, or maybe just looking for some cool design inspirations, you should check this website out.

1 comment:

  1. I really like that site! It reminds me a lot of Pinterest but for designers. I like how they ad a lot of different types and forms. I am always inspired by straight forward ads and simplicity of advertisements without words. Those always in spire me the most and i found a lot of those already while only briefly looking at the site so i can't wait to use this for more inspiration when it comes to projects later on! Thank you