11 February 2013

Microsoft's Illumiroom, Sec. 2940

I was looking around the web to find out about any new and/or interesting technology that I would one day not mind buying and trying out and I came across something that was both new and interesting. It is called the Illumiroom. The Illumiroom by Microsoft, of course is a device that casts off images from the game being played to give the player a chance to really engage themselves and feel like they are there walking around the in-game environment. Apparently by using the X-Box Kinect and a most-likely a very,very pricey projector, Microsoft will make it possible to project images and video images from the screen and on to the walls and surrounding furniture to ultimately blow any gamers mind. I think this idea is really cool, but at the same time I don't believe that we are ready for this technology yet, take a look at the video. 

I believe that after a little more work and a bit more awesome games to play, this will probably be great thing for all gamers. Illumiroom Article

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  1. This technology is a far cry from what we all want which is a holodeck (star trek) or simulated world experience without having to put on any 3d glasses or headset. Like most technologies including the recent fade of 3d glasses for tv and movies this too will fade and be looked back on as ridiculous.

    I believe you are right that society is not ready for this technology but I believe we need to take it a step further and say that society will never been ready for a gimmicky illusion that is supposed to add another layer to our entertainment. Another problem with these technologies that supposedly add something our experience is that they often do the exact opposite of what they are trying to achieve.

    Just looking at the tech demo (which by the way knowing console companies is probably faked until they can get something close to what they showed. If you want proof is these companies faking tech demos all you have to look as is the tech demos for Microsoft Kinect. Now I am not saying they cannot do what they showed in the demo but that it would cost them and consumers far too much like you said to buy that expensive projector.

    Ultimately, until we can engage the 5 senses and simulate the real world, society will never fully accept these gimmicks. After all if I want super high fidelity reality, all I have to do is step outside. So impressive you cannot even see the pixels!