24 February 2013

For the Love of Helvetica

Flipping through design blogs this week, I stumbled upon Goodbye Helvetica, and was instantly amused and curious.

Why are we saying goodbye?
Helvetica is a good font!
(Also you should know now that I thought it would be appropriate to write this blog post in Helvetica. You're welcome.)

Upon further reading of the site, I found that the "goodbye" to the typeface had come after a long, committed 1-year relationship.
Dominique Falla, the writer of the blog, used Helvetica in every design she made (minus client designs) for a whole year. 

As a designer, she thought that the challenge would push her. Helvetica is such a beautifully designed typeface, which brings it popularity. Falla says that her time spent with a single typeface refined her skills, and she enjoyed not having to pick and choose a typeface every time she started a new design. 

According to Dominique, the year was a success, and she thoroughly enjoyed proving, "... how beautiful this cold and emotionless typeface can be if it is treated with some love, care, and attention."

Domonique Falla is a very seasoned and talented designer. I encourage you to check out her website


  1. That's an interesting idea and goal! I know when I'm designing, I try to see which fonts are more appropriate whether it's a slab-serif font or a thin sans serif. To use one that seems pretty "average" and normal for a variety of different projects seems very challenging because you have to manipulate the way you use the font to fit a purpose it might not have been used for otherwise.

  2. I personally like Helvetica in small amounts. Just like with all typefaces, if they're used appropriately and with good judgement, many typefaces can be beautiful. Except for Papyrus. I hate papyrus with a passion.