11 February 2013

Dolody: Weekly E-Mag for Designers

For all the graphic designers out there: 

If you ever wanted an internet-based magazine that would update you on the latest in web design, typography, grid systems, vector graphics, and more, Dolody is the place to go. This web-magazine is weekly, free of charge, and is CandyLand for UX and UI designers. 

The magazine is divided into eight different categories:
  • Chime-In: An area where readers can suggest topics, answer weekly questions, and provide input or feedback on articles, tutorials, or Dolody attributes.
  • Interviews: Interviews with professionals and graphic design / web design trendsetters from all over the country.
  • Pro Tips: Actual quotes from graphic design professionals to use for inspiration and/or as advice.
  • Tutorials: Great articles about interesting topics and trends currently seen on the web. Some examples are: Scaling Font Sizes & Icons (comes with free jQuery plug-in),  Five Hot CSS3 Skills of 2012, and Get Your Pinterest Site in 6 Simple Steps (actually has HTML you can copy & paste to make a website that functions like Pinterest!).
  • Creativity: A design gallery with a hand-picked selection from the Dolody authors that you can look at for inspiration or browse to get more information on web design trends.
  • Coding: From HTML to jQuery, this section has examples of many different interactive techniques to apply to your own website. 
  • WordPress: Tips on how to use the site, manage your own blog, or even use WordPress for more extensive projects. 
  • Miscellaneous: A shuffle-mode type of page where various blurbs about various topics can be found. It is usually restricted to the content that comes out for the assigned week.

Each provide various articles, tutorials, trend updates and galleries that are not only extremely informative, but spark the creative hot spot in our minds that can sometimes wear out while working on project after project. In addition to that, you can favorite each article, browse their extensive archives for other material, and link to the social media site of your choosing. Although only updated once a week, Dolody manages to have interesting and extremely useful articles that can further your knowledge of and experience with UX and UI design.


  1. This website looks really interesting! I'm going to bookmark this site for sure. I feel like this is something I start going to on a regular basis to try to learn more about design.

  2. After just looking at it for a few minutes I found some great tips and tricks. I'd never heard of this site and am excited to start looking at it often.