11 February 2013

My favorite artist: David Kinsey

I am a fan of David Kinsey because he has been able to become a successful graphic designer and fine artist. I love his style of art. His use of texture and color are really appealing to my eye.  His style inspires some of my art that I have worked on in the past. I love the faces he paints because of the expression he is able to get with a minimal amount of obvious detail. I also like the graphic and abstracted nature of his pieces. How he is able to make what looks like random colors in the background double as shading for the figures in the foreground is a skill I envy. 

On the graphic design side of things David Kinsey has made many recognizable ads and logos. Some of my favorites are the Apple ipod silhouettes, the new Mountain Dew logo, and the DC shoe logo. He has also created some really cool pieces of street art. David Kinsey can do it all. Another reason I like Kinsey is because he helped create the BLK/MRKT which is a branding agency designed to help a company connect with artists to help create logos and advertisements based one the style of the artist and the need of the company  He is also a bad ass. In a interview he tells about a time when he was in Paris Putting up some street art with friends. Kinsey and his friends were taken by French Police and questioned for hours. After he was released he when to the back of the police station and put up some of his art on the wall.

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  1. So to tell the truth I had never heard of this guy until you brought him up. However when I went and looked up some of his work I was immediately reminded of Shepard Fairy's style due to fact that both use the same mix of colors to make their work stand out alot more. Aside from their use of color these two artist differ in the extreme, from ordered and percise to chaotic and textured.