04 February 2013

Alton Brown by Hampus Jageland

The Swedish designer Hampus Jageland designed the packaging for the visually impaired. Alton Brown is a brand of spices that also have olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The olive oil and balsamic vinegar come with a special spoon that makes it easier to measure and pour.

The packages have embossed braille for the impaired to read and the text is in the same spot on all of the products so it is easy to find. The logo AB means the something to both blind and seeing people. When reading braille one dot is an A and two dots is a B. The packages for the liquid are sustainable and the refillable bags are made from recycled paper.

I think this packaging is amazing. I enjoy the very clean design. There isn't any clutter, it is very minimalistic, which works because visually impaired don't need to be confused when trying to find a spice. Not only does it look nice, it also is great for aiding the visually impaired in every day life. I have never thought about what it would be like to be cooking blind. It is good we have products like these around.


  1. I have only just started to explore the vast world that is packaging design, and I have to say I love it! It is extremely hard considering the audience, competing brands, etc., however I feel that Hampus Jageland has created a niche for himself by being so available to the blind. There are not many products out in the markets (at all) that are visually impaired-friendly. Braille seems like a difficult thing to incorporate into a design, however the clean, organic look that Jageland created did so successfully. The fact that the packages are also sustainable and made from recycled materials is just a bonus in today's efforts to stay "green."

  2. This is awesome. Design wise it super simple and I like that. I love the rule that lines up all of the type and braille. It's so clean. The use of the plain paper bag reminds me of the simplicity of shopping at a farmers market or something like that doesn't put a brand name right in your face.