04 February 2013

Video Game Design

I've been designing ever since I was about 13 in Jr. High. And I know that I would never had been interested were it not for video games. The one game that started it all for me was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To me, that game told the most amazing story, and (at the time) had some of the most amazing graphics. It was amazing to me and all my efforts went towards recreating that kind of feeling. 

History aside, now it is my ambition to start my own studio. I have a small team and we are working on our first big I.P. called, "Mr. Peng". If I were going to summarize I'd say, "a James Bond-ese Penguin with a squirt gun and a bowtie". There are some images below but I would love for you to see our Facebook page too! Facebook.com/Mr.PengGame.

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