25 February 2013

Typography Usage

I feel like my blog this week is posted for more of my own benefit, but I do think it could be helpful to all designers to at least check out the designs on this site here. I am currently in a design lab class with Patricia Murphy and we are working on a book that is to be published by the end of the semester! As designers, it is our job to help the author use creative typography like Toby & Pete's that is seen at the top here, to illustrate 100 plus ways to save the planet. I have been a big typography fan ever since I started doing graphic design and therefore, to be a part of this book project is super exciting to me! I have been researching several different type blogs and pages on the web to help me out on a few pages so if any of you have any cool websites to suggest, I would love the help since there are a lot of pages in this book! Enjoy!


  1. I too love typography & always find it beneficial to view as many examples of it as I can, good or bad, to learn from it. I love the vintage, curvy phrase in red!

  2. Spot on, Katherine. I think most design students tend to overlook, or put less emphasis on their typography—for two reasons, I think, a) inexperience b) lack of understanding type. Don't feel bad if you fall into one of these categories, most designers do (or did, when they were students). The more you focus on your type, the more you read and learn about type, the better you'll get. After thirteen years, I'm still learning about when to use what fonts, how to combine faces, etc.

    It's good to collect examples of good typography, and analyze it for yourself, gain an understanding of why that design with that type personally attracted you.

    If you haven't come across them yet, these are a few blogs that I follow, in regard to type; Beautiful Type, David Airey, the FontShop FontFeed, the Type Directors Club, the Ministry of Type.