26 January 2013

Dribble, the "Show and Tell" for Designers

As children we developed a love for show-and-tell. There was nothing more exciting than getting to take something you made, found, or loved into a classroom and show it to everyone else. Of course, if you were like me, you took a small furry animal because nothing insures 5 minutes of fame like a hamster.

Now imagine the best possible Show and Tell minus the creatures, autographed baseballs, and finger paintings.

It’s for designers.
It’s online (you can stay in your pjs and eat cereal while you browse).
It’s full of ideas.
It’s color-coded.
It’s addicting.
You’ve found yourself imagining Dribbble, the “show and tell for designers”. 

Lacking inspiration? Take some time and look around. There’s a “Sort by Color” feature, a “Popular” page, or you can just explore! Want to show off? Go right ahead! In fact, the community is made for just that. 

AND if you like something specific, you can always hire the artist (or be hired yourself)!
So if you’ve got a few minutes hours (let’s be realistic), or your homework doesn’t seem all that appealing, hop, skip, and jump on over to Dribbble.com!


  1. I always love sites to browse through to help inspire my own art & look forward to keeping this one in mind when I need that artistic push or inspiration! Thanks!

  2. Same. I love sites that can help give me inspiration. I have recently been trying out deviant art for that, but I'm glad that I now know of another website that can help with inspiration!

  3. I haven't ever looked at sites like this for inspiration but when my brain hits the brick wall and I cannot think of anything I will have to check this site out again to get some inspiration. I have bookmark this site for some major future use.