28 January 2013


This image is from one of my favorite websites called DeviantArt. This composes of my different kinds of art work from many different people. Its pretty cool to see everyone's artwork that they have done even I'm not a member of this site (but you can be if you want). Plus, there are plenty of categories inside. Whatever you're looking for someone has done it in a some way.

Seriously, you can find just about anything hear It also gives me ideas on what to do with either projects or if I want to just draw something one day. Its kind of heavy on the cartoons but if you don't mind seeing a lot of cartoons then I recommend you check it out. I pulled this image of their "digital art" page. I really like this image mainly because it shows the final fight between good and evil which I really enjoy seeing these kind of things plus it looks pretty cool so its just a bonus. Here's there link to the home page:  DeviantArt

"DeviantArt holds the distinction of being the biggest social network website for both artists and those who support and enjoy it. The site has a rather impressive 13 million members and hosts about 35 million visitors every month." - Social Network Sites Review  



  1. I also love the DeviantArt website. I've only just recently been using it to look for inspiration for projects that I've done. This website shows a wide range of skills and ideas that can inspire you to do something new and creative in the future! I could spend hours just looking at all the art work on that website.

  2. I would totally agree. I enjoy DeviantArt and have for years. It is the first place I go when I need some inspiration. Wether it be for graphic design, traditional art or photography. DeviantArt always has something new and fun to look at. Even if I am not looking for inspiration I still seem to find it.

  3. I've been using deviantArt for as long as I can remember and I love the way that you can connect with other artists who have similar styles to you

  4. I also have used DeviantArt for years. I think it's a great source of inspiration that I personally use as reference all the time. It's fun to see the interesting mix of professional artists and amateurs commenting on each others work.

  5. I am by no means a fan of Harry Potter, but this is really well done.