11 March 2014

Mark Bird (Illustrator)

Mark Bird
Self Portrait by Mark Bird

I chose to share the work of a really cool illustrator/graphic designer that I found a few days ago. Mark Bird is an extraordinary illustrator who create awesome illustrations with what appears to be vector shapes and multiple textures.

I just really enjoy his character designs and use of such clean shapes and textures. A majority of designs that I do are simply vector, but now I would like to try to use similar techniques that he uses to add more dimension and detail to the simple colors.

Secret Treasure by Mark Bird
The Space Gardener by Mark Bird
Just a really cool Illustrator with awesome artwork, I hope this post is appealing and offers some possible inspiration and what not.

Link to his website: http://birdinhanddesign.com/


  1. Very cool illustrations! I love his mixtures of simple shapes and lines with detailed texture and realistic lighting to create a sense of an almost pseudo-realism. Mark seems to have a wide range of feelings to put behind his works, I feel his Self-portrait being very serious and business-y, while "Secret Treasure" makes me think of one of those Disney Shorts before the feature film.

  2. This is a style that is really appealing to me. It almost seems as though the image as a whole is a combination of different cutouts which gives it a really unique look. I also really enjoy the subtle textures used, they aren't too heavy but it really makes all parts of the illustration pop. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I like what you said about it looking like cutouts, it does have a similar look to collages!

  3. Super Cool! I love the textures he adds! I think I've seen some of his work he has made but i didn't know his name! I love the style he uses, its very unique and also very playful and intriguing. Thanks for the share!

  4. This is wonderful! I love his illustrations. Its very clean and fresh. You know someone is good at illustration when one image tells a whole story. I love the shapes and colors that he uses as well. This almost reminds me of a pixar like short film animation.

  5. These illustrations are absolutely beautiful. The look and feel of them all makes them very highly appealing. I wonder what medium/program he uses. Very fantastic,

  6. Thanks for sharing Mark's work. I really like way he is able to mix textures. They are not overpowering and don't take away from the overall illustration. He uses the textures in a way that keeps the illustrations simple, but it is just enough to add extra interest. The way he renders light in his illustrations is another element that I like. It is not exactly realistic but definitely works each piece.

  7. I'm usually not a huge fan of illustration like this, but his pieces are really neat. These definitely are not too bold, they are simple and stand for themselves. I think his work with texture really works to benefit his pieces. I have to agree with most of everyone above where his work reminds me of short films.

  8. I really like his use of textures. I find that when subtle textures are added it can take a very flat image and give it a boost of life and definition.