15 April 2014

An interactive World!

OK lets face it, you see a poster advertising a company or something but that's all that poster does, and sometimes it gets boring. I was looking at poster designs and I stumbled across posters that are interactive!

I think all posters should be interactive its something that stands out from the rest and its fun! Here are a few of my favorites that I found online.

This is a Pepsi Poster in a subway train where they have an earphone input where u can listen to who knows what haha

This is a cool interactive poster puzzle for a McDonald's ad promoting their coffee.

This poster was printed on bubble wrap paper to give that interaction that you are actually typing by hearing the noise from the pop!

Here is a short video showing simple interactive posters! enjoy!


  1. I was really impressed with the short video you posted. Before the fire poster was shown, I recognized the sound as a crackling fire and thought it was cool that the poster could make that noise. I like the idea of interactive posters but wonder if they will be able to get ideas across as clearly as printed posters. I don't know what the posters in the video were advertising, even though they were cool and caught my attention.

  2. Josh! This is sweet! Nice find. I didnt even know this was a thing! I think its really cool to have an experience like that. Interacting with something like that i think gets a better message across and creates a memory for anybody who does interact with it and remember their product or message in the future. Cool thing man!