08 April 2014

FEATURING: Typography & Layout design

I am excited to share this website because I am interested in typography and layout design. I don’t remember how I came upon it but like that it focuses specifically on typography in Switzerland.It is called swisstype.net. The idea of taking pictures of cool design wherever you go is great.

The picture of these two theater posters came from the website. I think they are intriguing partly because of the expressions and gestures of the singers and also the typography. In the Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) poster the decision to hyphenate “Zauberflöte” works because it creates balance as “Flöte” and 17.12 are placed below and above “Zauberflöte.” The diagonal lines are interesting. This is a trend in design that I've noticed.

Finding these posters gave me the idea to listen to Carmen and I came across another good design. The things that stand out the most to me are the bright red illustration in the middle (did you notice the bull head coming out of the folds of her dress?). Also, the layout of the information is organized well. The horizontal line of the CD title leads the eye to the right to the vertical line of pictures. This 90 degree angle is a nice frame for the illustration.The type is also red, and the interesting use of both curves and sharp edges in the type is daring. I think the colors and type choice represent the main character (Carmen) as she is bold, impulsive and seductive.

Learning how to mix different typefaces, especially how to do it well and what to avoid, also interests me. The next example is from a Swiss sports market. I have never seen anything like this example below. A script paired with the sort of bubble slab serif looks like it actually works. The script type is taller and thinner than "sport" so the fat, spread out letters are contrasting. What really catches the eye is "sport" which describes what the store sells so I think that this contrast is a good thing.
One last thing that is not related at all to this post is a design blog I found with great tips for designers. The company is called Effusion and is based in AZ. There is a funny design video I found on their blog. The Process.


  1. International Typographic Movement is one of my favorite typographic and design styles -- so clean yet so powerful, as portrayed in the theatre posters above. ITM aside, the layout of the posters is so inviting -- they have managed to accomplish a very real sense of depth with the placement of the character's hands amidst the diagonal lines and text. I've perused this site before and it is a gem!

  2. I really like what was done on the two theatre posters of Rebecca and Die Zauberflote. This design has given me a new idea of what to do with typography when mixing it with images and photos. Having the text interact with the picture is almost an expected element in design these days and finding something like this gives me yet another tool in my arsenal.

    I have started a folder that contains examples of cool effects that can be used specifically for text layout, I go to this folder when I need to come up with something interesting. I'm definitely putting these posters in there.