08 April 2014

Sustainability in Design

So I found this site on sustainability that has 72 different eco-friendly packaging designs. Considering where the world is heading, packaging that uses minimal materials and still looks good is going to be something that will be key for us to be able to manage as designers.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

An egg carton that uses less material than your average carton from the store (oh and it's cardboard so it decomposes quickly) yet is still fully capable of protecting very fragile eggs.

Here is an envelope that once you send it off and whoever you're sending it to receives it, they can then take off the mailing information and use it as a grocery/tote bag.

Here is a seed envelope (for beets in this case) that once you plant the seeds that come with it, you can use the stake to mark your garden, and the packaging and instructions can be planted to grow flowers. Nothing gets thrown away with this one.

There are MANY more examples on the site linked above. Maybe we can pull some inspiration from them in our own designs in order to be eco-friendly as designers.


  1. Sustainability has been a major focal point in many conversations over the past couple years. You always hear about some company or university trying to 'go green' and become a more sustainable entity. Sustainable design is one way to help us get to that goal without missing out on the creative pursuits. This site has a lot of cool ideas and, like you said, I think we could all learn to see if we can't apply these sustainable practices to our own designs in the future.

  2. Good find! I think it is important to use more products like this. I wish they were something that you can easily buy like in walmart or something. I will have to check out the site and see if there is any locations we can buy things like that! i also love the overall design of the packagings. They're sleek and modern and resourceful which is super cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This site is awesome, thanks so much for finding and sharing with us. I feel it is going to become more and more crucial to design with the earth in mind and these are nothing short of phenomenal solutions.

  4. I went on the site and I really like the design for the egg carton. It uses less material and it still protects the eggs.