11 February 2014

Concept Art

      The website that I have chosen to share is called http://conceptartworld.com/ . This website contains small portfolios for multiple illustrators who do concept art either for fun or for clients. My purpose for choosing this site is that I have recently been looking at a lot of digital illustrations and concept art pieces.
      There are a lot of professions that utilize concept art in their processes. Whether it is animation or video games, the concept art is the bare bones of the character/environment design.

Tyson_Murphy_Concept_Illustration_01 By: Tyson Murphy

Some concept art is a lot more detailed that others depending on the purpose for its use such as video game concept art displaying more detail than a cartoon animation.

Mikaël Léger Concept Art

 This character design was designed/drawn by Mikaël Léger displays a lot of attention to detail in terms of the character features.



       This character design by Bobby Pontillas shows a much a simplified illustration that he uses in his short animations.

Just for fun, I came across a video that shows the various departments and professions in design a character for the online game SMITE. This video just shows multiple jobs that a graphic designer/illustrator may be able to get in the gaming industry.


(There is a lot of randomness in this video, so I apologize for that.)


  1. Concept Art is like the foundation for any video game or animation project for any company. All the new video games coming out have mountains of concept art backing them up. Concept art is literally the art used to build up a world, culture, society, character, story, etc.
    It's intriguing seeing the difference between video game and animation concept art. My sister, an animator, always mentions that animations need to be much simpler in design because of the sheer amount of repetition required in the creation of an animation - especially a hand drawn 2D one where you are drawing every single frame yourself. Digital painting, on the other hand, allows for you to kind of go crazy in the creative license department, allowing you to flesh out every single detail instead.

  2. I both love and hate this website. Love:I love this site because I love concept art, through-and-through. Its what I would love to do for a job. Getting paid to sit there and draw/create characters and other various objects would be a dream come true.
    Hate: I hate this site, because there are so many good artists on here and it makes me super jealous. Either way, I would love to do this as a job, however as Hannah says, it also pertains to graphic design, specifically. Through out the last semesters especially I have been learning how important it is to do the concept/sketches before trying to go straight into the idea, itself.

  3. its interesting to me how concept art has become basically its own form of art. you see it in video games and on dvds where you can go in and look at just the concept art. Being a concept artist is the desired job of so many people now days wen ten years ago no one new what it even too to make a game or an animated movie or series. this web location is pretty cool i may be speding some free time on it. one of my buddies is doin concept art now and he says its the best job ever. look him up on facebook at addison ranken

  4. I have never heard of this site before but it is amazing! There are so many different pieces to look at and draw inspiration from. It is awesome how realistic some of the designs are, just playing some games nowadays you would think that it was real life acting for some of the scenes! This is great, thanks for sharing!

  5. These concept pieces are great. It is always a fun experience to the see the process of works of art in concept. Sometimes the first sketch is poorly drawn--but what comes from it usually ends up amazing. You have to start somewhere! Fallout: The game series; has some amazing concept work done by artist Adam Adamowickz. This inspires me to take more time in practicing sketching and really shows the nature of good creative processes.

  6. Concept art is fascinating stuff. I can draw, but I not like this (and I'm jealous of that). The attention paid to detail and anatomy is insane. I wonder if they use models though. For stuff like proportions or poses. I remember while looking at Ratchet and Clank bonus content, that the character designers would act out movements and such that they needed and then would create the models based on those actions. So I imagine stuff like that is fairly prevalent. But anyway, it's beautiful work and like Colton mentioned, and art form of it's own.