08 April 2013

Color theory in a nutshell

In our last project, or maybe it was a few projects ago, I was having some trouble with colors and putting the colors in the right context. I found this little website that delves into color theory and really hits on how colors and proper color schemes should be used.


I would recommend that everyone take a look at it, as it is a very helpful resource and is a also a very hands-on website. What I mean by that is it has a whole bunch of examples and things to help you with color theory.

This site goes over many theories and topics concerning color, color schemes, color wheels, proper implementation of colors, and working with web based color patterns. I think that this article helped me out quite a bit for the projects I am doing now, and I am starting to develop a Designer's Eye, as some call it. Overall this article is just to inform you of this website and the possibilities of design unfolded and made simple from the nice explanations on this website.

Here is also a cool little color tool that the website provided for our use.



  1. I have used the color scheme webtool before, and found it really useful, but I often forget to check it out when working on these.

    And the bit of color theory was a fun read. I had the chance to take a color theory class recently, so most of it was covered there, but it's a really nice resource for beginners and as a reminder for those who already know a bit of it.

  2. Color theory has always been really interesting to me and is incredibly important to what we do. Its really intresting to think about the fact that just by changing the hue saturation or value of one color you are changing the way that we see the color that it is next to. the eye is very interesting.