08 April 2013

Intrinsic Nature Artistic collaboration to the MAX

 Intrinsic Nature (Experiment 13)

To be honest I haven't been following this group for very long, I just found the site last week while wasting time during a harrowing Stumbleupon free fall.

This group, which they claim is made up of over 60 people from 30 countries, is like the modern version of what in past years would've been some kind of artistic commune all living together in some filthy dilapidated building. But now the large scale communities feel more efficient like this is how artists should inspire and help each other. I mean they are constantly recruiting, their application is right on the first page. Probably what makes my day is the inclusion of artists of many mediums. This is something I find very awesome as I myself often look to photographers or sculptors for inspiration, even though I am still completely inept in both of those fields. They credit the artists as individuals but somehow release large groups of work simultaneously under the label of Experiment 13. The work is diverse, weird and very cool and most certainly worth a look.

go look.  IntrinsicNature  And their site is very nice too(they have music to accompany the art!). I very much recommend using the full experience mode.

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  1. I like this a lot. I have come to the conclusion that some of the best art work is the kind that is difficult to understand, the weird and mysterious. I also love the rich saturated colors they used in this piece. Interesting post, I might browse their site sometime.