08 April 2013

Design Contracts

I don't know about any of you but we are probably at the part of our school career where we have learned quite a bit of information to begin making a lot of personal/side projects that could be used for clients. I know some of the VC-370 courses have client work which is pretty much monitored by the VC Faculty and contract agreements that they created but what about our own stuff?

Looking up several resources for graphic designer contracts (and film related ones for myself), it is tough to sort out the differences and what's needed or not included in protecting you and your work. I found two sites, and combined them for my own contracts for film and graphic design. One, I cannot find the link but its on my dropbox here. And the other contract was from AIGA.

These were great resources for understanding everything that can go into a contract for small jobs to big jobs with various resources for each project (condensed terms, full terms, invoice, brief, past due, collection,  etc.). I combined the two copies and created my own contracts for clients that I have had, and have only used condensed terms and invoices so far.

You don't necessarily have to follow what I have done for the past year or so, but it may help you get your feet off the ground to sort some things out before you graduate if you take the freelance route, or while you are looking for some jobs while you wait.


  1. I just downloaded that .pdf. I feel extremely overwhelmed just looking through the examples, but I'm sure this will be incredibly useful over the next 2 years.

  2. Thank you for helping push me into the right direction for creating my own contract! I know I have several side jobs this summer waiting for me back home & should look into making my own contract to protect myself and design. Thanks!

  3. I've been doing projects ehre and there for friends recently and I'm never really sure how much my work or time is worth. I don't feel like I'm getting taken advantage of, but I also don't know how to approach the formality of client work. These resources will definitely be a help moving forward.