08 April 2013

Sidewalk Illusions

Sidewalk illusions have always been something I have found to be incredibly interesting. I love the idea of creating a 3D environment on a 2D medium. Thus extending the existing real 3D world into a surreal made up 3D world. It can make you look at things in an entirely different way. Another element to take a look at is the perspective/ angle that you are looking at the sidewalk drawing from. The drawings are designed to be perceived from the level of our eyes, vs if you were at level with the ground the illustrations would not create the same 3D effect. I feel as though incorporating these 3D illusions into package designs would catch peoples attention more effectively. Thus selling more product.


  1. These are awesome. Just the other day I saw a package of 48 different colors of sidewalk chalk! I had never seen so many before! It made me think of these and how realistic they can end up looking.

  2. I've seen these sorts of things many times before, and I absolutely love them. Just the perspective blows my mind. I wouldn't know how to create such a perfect illusion like that, but some people do, and they do it well.

    But have you ever seen them from the other side? The look really distorted and warped, and have no illusion to them at all. Makes me wonder how precise the viewing spot needs to be to get the best effect.

  3. I have only ever seen one of these being drawn. The crumbling sidewalk was reveling a river of lava underneath, it was very cool to stop for a while and watch this be drawn out. To me at least it seemed like the ultimate test of an artist perspective skills.